Morrisound Studios Heist-List And Serial Numbers Of Stolen Items.

I was greatly saddened to hear of the heist of my dear friends and professional associates at Morrisound Studios Tampa and have hereby compiled a list of the stolen gear with serial numbers to aid in the recovery of the stolen items.Many people are on the lookout for this equipment,much of it cannot be replaced,Tom's Black Les Paul.(I played it on the American idol audition solo.)This is so heartbreaking to me because Tom and Jim are good men who did their dream the right way.Fiscally responsible,They paid the taxes and the bills,always re-invested into state of the art technology and enjoyed the rewards of totally honest success,the hard work that led to the fruits of their labors.And two of the most down to earth and friendly people you would ever meet.Technology wise this studio sat on a par with anything in the world.Much slow to pay major label work was done here yet their special buzz was the emerging artists they worked with and developed.Amid the gear was also taken personal treasures,Tom's Les Paul Custom.Probably it is all already out of the country.Many eyes are watching and I am adding mine and anything I can humbly do to help such fantastic friends.This had to be a MK Ultra Hit,they also got the hard drives and back-ups of all of the recorded material,leaving not one fingerprint.If you come across anything here at a dream price, please contact your local law enforcement authorities.Thank You! MORRISOUND RECORDING LIST OF STOLEN EQUIPMENT 2011.04.11 SSL PARTS SSL 4K G SERIES COMPUTER & POWER SUPPLIES 1 OUTBOARD GEAR NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER AUIDIMAX 4440A 4450A AUTOMATIC LEVEL CONTROL 2 APOGEE AD 8000 2 358 FURMAN SMP POWER CONVERTERS 7 EVENTIDE H3000 1 AMS RMX-16 Reverb 1 Lexicon PCM 41 Digital Delay 2 Lexicon PCM 42 Digital Delay 1 Lexicon PCM 70 Reverb 1 4136 Lexicon 224XL Reverb 1 With Out LARC UREI LA - 4 Compressor 2 3196 UREI 1176 Compressor 3 7652 BBE SONIC MAXIMIZER 422A 1 AUDIO ARTS EQ 1 KLARK TEKNIK EQ 1 DBX 166 Compressor 1 DBX 160 A Compressor 2 DBX 160 Compressor 1 DBX 165 Compressor 2 LANG EQ PEQ-2 EQ 1 UREI LA - 22 Compressor 1 TC ELECTRONIC 96K FINALIZER 2 TC ELECTRONIC 2290 Digital Delay 1 510855 HHB CD-R RACK BURNER 1 SSL FX G384 Compressor 1 SONTEC MASTERING EQ MES-432C 1 TUBETECH TWO CHANNEL COMPRESSOR LCA - 2A 1 3360 WAVES L2 1 MIC PRE RACK NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER VINTECH MIC PRE 1272 2 CW0048B121 CW0049B125 VINTECH MIC PRE X73 2 VA120700-1 VA120700-2 True Precision 8 Mic Pre 1 INSTRUMENTS NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER GUITARS GIBSON LES PAUL CUSTOM Black ('73) 1 FENDER TELECASTER'52 ReIssue Blonde 1 MARTIN D-28 1 GIBSON L-48 ARCH TOP 1 FENDER PRECISSION BASS 1 IBANEZ FRETLESS BASS 1 JERRY JONES ELECTRIC SITAR 1 TAYLOR 12-STRING JUMBO 455 1 20030311086 KEYBOARDS OBERHEIM OB8 KEYBOARD with Road Case 1 M-AUDIO Key Rig 49 1 3225-640F-1ABE-FBFE-3ACB-D9F0 DRUMS ZILDJIAN CHINA CYMBAL 1 ZILDJIAN CRASH 1 ACCESSORIES NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER PETERSON STROBE TUNER 1 BOSS TUNER 1 CRYBABY WAH PEDAL 1 AA52M880 DUNLOP 535Q WAH PEDAL 1 VOX WAH PEDAL 1 Roland Super Overdrive 1 Ratt Turbo Pedal 1 RATT PEDAL 1 FullTone Bass-Drive MosFET 1 Line 6 M13 Stomp Box Modeler 1 SMALL STONE PHASE SHIFTER 1 BIG MUFF PIE 1 GUITAR STAND 4 DI COUNTRYMAN TYPE 85 DI BOX 4 MICROPHONES NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER SM 58 4 SM 57 7 TELEFUNKEN U 47 1 NEUMANN U 87 2 38938 307718 NEUMANN TLM 103 1 NEUMANN M 147 1 201 RCA 44BX 1 EV RE 20 3 AKG 414 6 AKG C451E Plus CK1 1 509553 AKG C451E Plus CK1 1 111027 SENNHEISER 421 10 84333 49077 49075 SENNHEISER 441 4 Shure SM-7 Audix D6 ATM 31 ATM 11 MICROPHONE STANDS NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER REGULAR SIZE 10 STAGE STAND 1 SHORT STAND 3 DESK BOOM 2 AMPS & CABINETS NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER ENGL POWERBALL AMP HEAD 1 MARSHALL JCM 2000 TSL 100 1 M-2006-42-0940-B VOX AC 30 1 MESA DUAL TREMOVERB 1 AMPEG SVT 810 Speaker Cabinet 1 MARSHALL 4X12 CABINET 1960B 1 MARSHALL 4X12 1960A ANGLED CABINET with Greenbacks 1 LITTLE LABS PCP DISTRIBUTION BOX 1 LITTLE LABS ANALOGUE PHASE ALIGNMENT TOOL 1 Little Labs Signal Transmission Device 1 HEADPHONES NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER ULTRASONE SLOGIC 3 FOSTEX T20 15 SPEAKERS/MONITO RS NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER JBL EON PA SPEAKER -NON POWERED WITH STANDS 2 GENELEC 8050A SPEAKERS 2 PM2008036 PM2003505 GENELEC SUBWOOFER 7070A 1 PM2007786 CABLES NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER 96 PIN DL TO VARIOIUS XLR,1/4" AND TT CONNECTORS MANY COMPUTERRELATED NAME QUANTITY SERIAL NUMBER Apple G4 2 APPLE G5 2 Scepter X24WG Video Monitor 2 DIGIDESIGN PROCONTROL 2 KH0039900A KH0046700A HD Process DIGIDESIGN CARDS 4 HD 3 ACCEL System 1 UE20040 DIGIDESIGN HD 3 System 2 SG11339 SG10065 DIGIDESIGN SYNC I/O 2 SC0162400A DIGIDESIGN 192 I/O 9 RM0327400D RM0328500D RM0329200D AKD0747002Z RM3245400Y RM0836600L RM0013800A RM0328300D 192 D/A CARD 7 AGQ0475000J AGQ0473900J AGQ0471600J AGQ0444900J AGQ0444000J DELL 24” COMPUTER MONITOR 1 iMAC COMPUTER 4 MBOX2 MINI 2 AMX09183041E AMX09180835E