Morrisound Studios Heist

I am still to blown away to believe it yet I know it is true.And so saddened because these are two remarkable human beings,so first class.Had it not have been for this recording studio you would not have found me in TPA.Surely I would have taken my talents elsewhere.Yet there was this Recording Studio a couple of miles from me that was defined state -of -the -art-world class.John Tardy of Obituary suggested I should record there,we use to work together at the same day job.Tio walk in the door was to expierence being in the presence of greatness.Kharmically,not worldly.So many that appear to be so great in the world are Kharmic trash.And so for the very pricy rate of 75 dollars an hour for studio B or 95 an hour for studio A,a fee that remained the same for 19 years to this very day I could go to town at the pinnacle of recording art and science.Thus I decided to settle in TPA.And push that studio to it's limits.The question always at the end of the day was "did you have fun Rene?"Every time I did and was successful,not in the short run but long term it is laid out.I own the masters and they can be re-worked yet the essential thing is the original recording levels and how they were laid out, the applied technology as it is.For me to be set free as an artist to where that was what I was free to be,an artist where the best I present is a diamond in the rough, to a master jewler.Right away it comes to your mind trickery and studio effects which was far from the case here.A tight and totally dry direct to disc mix is was went down.And that is what an artist does.Production is another whole question,when you move into post you are no longer recording,you are listening.All of that auto-tune shit forget that,you were on pitch when you laid the tracks.Dry as a bone.Your producer may come time to discern a little adjustment on something with the autotuner.This device is more of a nightmare than you think when you trim a frequency a glitch is going to happen somewhere on another track and you have got to find it.This is for 15 milleseconds on a trim.You have to find it before you go to master.I have a 30% hearing loss in my high register.Normal for musicians but prohibitive to a producer.I am an executive producer.I had to ask Tom Morris to produce me on projects that were already in the works.I was weeping when I asked him."Rene,don't cry,if you can just pay the studio time I will do it,I will be glad to." He did a complete master for me.FOR A TOP LEVEL PRODUCER SUCH AS THIS YOU WILL FORK 5 GRAND AN HOUR.Because they know the shortcuts.Add to this my recording engineers.My co-producer Rob Valdez.My cast and crew.Again I stress to you,to savor the company of greatness!