My Fave Hang Out Buddy

Is the lead singer from a competing group,Fourth Wish.Steve Robles.Tomorrow night we are both working in differnt groups six blocks away from eachother,I get off early at 1 Am so I am going to take my maracas over to join in with them until 3.My life and my art is Gulf Coast Style...Arcadian French.A people that escaped the guillotines in Paris after the so-called "democratic" revolution.We gravitated to the Gulf Coast,full of good hunting and fishing.And beautiful music!Some came as Pirates,looking to lay low,some as farmers,trappers,engineers if you will.I came as a recording artist on my first record contract.I love to visit and play at other places in the world yet when that plane is landing at TIA I know and am happy to be back home again.I can relax and be myself.TPA is so redneck working class,anti- culture if anything as well as the sex capital of the world.They threw the symphony orchestra out of town after building a performing arts center for them!GOD I hate it because it is so filthy yet I love it because it is my funky home.One thing they did right here is the airport,you can blast off out of here to anywhere with great ease and return in style.I am just itching for that plane to land,in 55 minutes I will have picked up my bags and be back home again.I have timed this four times.I have this town,it is all mine-of course I took it.Everywhere I go cars are honking and going "hey frenchy!" Sweet stank ass summers,paradice winters.Highly advanced Recording Studios.Fantastic award winning film crews,instant accomodations for any event.If my AC keeps running I am all good to go!