My Heart Is in My hands Tonight,Michelle Parisianne Is Dead from Breast Cancer At Age 28

I am devasted to have learned tonight of the passing Of Michelle Parisianne (Michelle Rene Lanham) at age 28 from breast cancer.She was the sweetest kid you could imagine her mother introduced her to me through a friend with a desire for me to break her into the music business.She was 16 at the time.At 17 she was working regularly onstage with us as a featured perfomer,the guys all loved her,her talent on many occaisions reduced the audience to tears.We have several impromptu recordings of her onstage with us,She was only featured on one master session "American Idol Audition."That song went number one one the american idol underground radio show.2 weeks after our backers pulled the plug on our first national tour.Her mother then died a very tragic death which she took very hard.She disappeared after that.We searched yet could not find her.How she loved to sing and perform,it was everything to her.Very professional even at 17,tea-total,did not smoke nor do drugs,that makes it even sadder for me to think about.I am in the process of assembling all of the material that I can on her.There is a video of her final recording session shortly before her death.Her spirit departed this world on July 15,2011.Rest in peace Dear Princess.