My Nigger Band

I put that together for a reason and a concept.I would not hear of a white player because I wanted a nigger on the bass and a nigger on the drums playing rock and roll music.And my guys are the best of the best.They challenge me to be my best.We performed to riots for the most part.We would be into the third song of the first set and the bomb would go off.We were hard dissed by so many as here I have two black musicians who would never see the light of day in most of the clubs we worked in.After a period of time the white musicians who use to be my buddies would show up and marvel at the skill of Chip and Marvin,sit in with us and we would have a fun time.Play all night have some drinks and talk about stuff.This would be the white guitar players total fantasy man,but it did not come easy as all of that.We had to be totally tight and Chip and Marvin were in charge of that.Every note played or sang had to have a reason.It had to fit in to the groove.And we knew from note one that we played together we were going to be dissed,that we were brazenly challenging the world.We so polluted Rock and Roll with funk and R&B.And once we had you we would not turn the temperature down.We would just start to jam out from our well learned arrangements.By the end of the night the audience would be up onstage with us and you could not even see us anymore and we would be getting ready to run for our lives.We would tear down so fast and put the equipment on the bus knowing we would be running for our lives in a few moments.And that bus,a 1958 Chevy bluebird with a 283 v-8 cross ram (two 2 barrel rodchester carbs with two nox tanks per side) would be ready to spit fire and leave your petty ass in the mufflers,headers that would chunk back fire 50 feet behind us,I am going to post pics of that old bus with all of the bullet holes in it.We would be crusing so calmly with Marvin fixing breakfast on the stove whilst I would be redneck knockin' from the steering wheel!oh yeah,I would run your pickup off the road handily!The local police had warned us not to go back to the hotel but to leave town ASAP from the show."We have received several threats about you boy's" There were no police to be found when we left town so the road was all mine to rock.if I could hold on until the next county or get to the interstate we were okay.From the start nobody expected such a big bus could move so fast from a standstill.Let big bad kid rock talk to you about this kind of stuff!My two niggers would tear his little shit all apart.Advanced from him by light years.The Black Beatles as we were so called.When we first went into it Chip and Marvin said "this is not possible."I said "If you are in with me on it you have got to go all th way with it."My much beloved wife was leaving me over it and told the boys "to never leave me" They didn't really get that but they were strong and loyal the best they could be and I can't tell you how hard it was to set my pretty little loving wife free,she understood the biz you know yet at this point she would have been my prisoner more than my wife.Such is the world of Rock And Roll.