My Take on Led Zepplin

They are the take on a rock and roll band.The highest class.Four extreme talented lads,four beloved tight friends,they even in death would never split from eachother.That they would support and encourage eachother,they fell out totally because they did not know just how hard it was gonna hit.A UK band!They have an advantage over us in that the uk is more consolodated.In six months you make or break,it is a much healthier artistic climate.The US is all about vast and let me tell you cause I drove and walked down those roads.The whole thing came out of imported US blues music performed by black artists.They were confounded because their recording engineers had no idea of how it was.nor how to record it.It was Chess Studios in Chicago that taught them how to do it.A wonderful peace time cultural exchange.The Rolling Stones and The Yardbirds recorded there.And now English recording engineers knew how it was done.Oh Man In the US the black producers are still advanced way,way beyond that.So ya know,a rock band and we are going to stick it out 'till the end.John Bonham's death stopped the show.If Charlie Watts passed on today I would bet The Rolling Stones would cancel A tour."We are not The Rolling Stones without Charlie on drums.Why did Bill Wyman quit?Well..why not?He will be on the next tour and I think also Mick Taylor will too.I wont buy a ticket,I will pull up and park outside the stadium in my van,get out my acoustic and play along with them,I did that at four shows of their last tour.So yes,I have performed with The Rolling Stones.True success is a demonstration of loyalty.