My Two "Blackstar" Sessions At Criteria studios In Miami

Blues,everybody re-working the same old stuff,I wanted to move into the future of it with excitng new material.No more "Messin' With The Kid"I got to back up a genious,Shawn Brown and my performance on that session is not one drop short of Hubert Sumlin.I do not play a lot yet what I do not play counts and what I did play,ummm I did not fly on that lear to Miami alone,The groups drummer Gregg, was coaching me on every note I was going to play or not play.And it was down to this,if I could not put up the track we were going to have to fistfight in the studio parking lot.It was down to that my readers!And I am such a cool brother,I wanted to learn everything he was going to teach me.I fucked all of it up on my track and it is not playing a lot,it is playing for Shawn Brown and the less I did the more he could fly,it was every bit equal to play guitar for Mr.John Lee Hooker Sir.Johnny Winter would have sold his soul to be on this session!