New single drops next month-the 19th

I apologize,I am supposed to be doing an album,it just doesn't work out that way.Anyone on the inside would not deny that I put an album's worth of work into the single, have to remember that I am playing and singing all of it.As an indie it is to my advantage to have to wait for studio availability,so I get discounted rates and can go in a work under less pressure.And one tune to the next could be a complete change of style and approach.Most of the time it is.And that is a chancy thing to do.Yet I get influenced by everything.And I don't want to just get stuck in one thing.Ahh,maybe,if you wanted to hear me play a thing live,I would play it for you,you are my audience who pays my bills.Buys my crazy little singles.On the clock I will sing to you any song you want to hear and thank you!