Notes on the last session

The thing that had to be done was a banging acoustic track,playing lead and rhythm guitar at the same time to a click.That was done,it took two hours because of some changes to the arrangement my producer suggested.and he was expecting I would add more guitars,I felt that way too,until I heard the track.And how it mastered the click.I beat the living shit out of that box really bad.There isn't any room left for any other guitars,And that was just today's business you know?We had time left for me to drop the bass,just on my five string,no upright this time.Oh man he jumped down on my shit So bad,"here is where you ruin the song,busy,busy filling every hole.please give me that bass and let me show you how to play whole notes."And it clicked with me, I ought to know that."Where is the drummer going to play while you are doing all of that wasteful shit?Playing the bass like a guitar player ?I do not hear that shit at all dude!"This is the way a great producer speaks to you,you are dropping your part as he is getting together your sound.That big ass stuff that sounds nothing like the demo.He does get really pissed of when i go off the drift.I do not take it personally,I play it they way he wants to hear it.I smoke his fucking ass!The guitar track is out of this world.