Oh Well How I Know,You Will Scream And Cry that Your Little World Will Not Let You Go,(Jimi Hendrix

You are made out of gold and can't be sold.I am going to cut an album that is going to rip you apart.I have no interest in broadcast radio airplay in the USA.Fleeting somewhat and perhaps.I am going to tune into you.That which will not be denied.Not political.I am going to have some real fun creating and not being limited by a bunch of crap.High expectations abound with no expectations.I am even free to screw around.With the tighest onboard gear you could imagine.Any effect,total top of the line.Yet again the proof of the recording science is the dry recording.The internal modification of that.The EQ.The ambience,the separation.Like my producer,kenny Veenstra stated "I want to get into it man."After you have baked the cake on that you want to avoid the overuse of fx.They stick out loud and cram it.Cause compression problems and I want to avoid as much compression as possible.Drop the driest track possible.It can always be modified later by someone yet they will be driven to not overdue it.Auto-tuner will not be used at anytime.This is such a useful device for a milli-second cut.Yet nowadays producers rely uopn it and it is obvious to producers you are using it.And it's purpose was to be non-detectable.Just ever so slight of a trim.Digital delay...the same just an ever so small brush stroke to a tight track does wonders!Sitting in the control room amongst the highest quailty phasers and flangers,pre-amps,noise reduction.And all of this actually robs your recording of it's original fidelity.Every time you touch it you are losing the original state of the art.To say the least this is a very daring approach.And all of the fx are present to be used judicially.Nothing denied.all hoped for.