Oh,How i Love You-def a big rock single!

Susan Mejeras on drums,a drum line instructor for three local area high school drum lines.A teacher and a performing artist.She,oh gosh, getting her on the phone let alone find time for her to do a session was almost impossible.Once she committed to doing a session she insisted on doing the charts for it.She would not use the studio set as she had a brand new set of Slingerland Radio Kings she wanted to try.She insisted on the session being read.Forget about it if it was not going to be read.she even wrote in the dynamics."How can I drill my kids on this and than play with you guys and not do it that way?You guys all can read,what is the problem?"I had to smile because I was scoring a professional arranger as well,her hobby is chello.And it is not that she was a drag,far from it.She was a blast."I just want really Frenchy that when we have to stop all of us know where we are.I know it is gonna be good!But the boys went one further,they really read it.and it is so tight!