On The Road Today And Tonight With The Blueman.

We do a Memorial Day show every year for some close friends and fans of T-Blue.It was a bit harrowning of a trip because T's Van "Betsy" was in a bit of disrepair, a shot cv joint and some electrical wiring damamged from a previous fire.We did the show two-piece because not one of his drummers would travel to Ft.meyers for less money than two yardnotes."Betsy",wounded as she was with no A/C and man it was roasting out chugged along there and back with only minor problems.And cool as it was that T-blue and I both held the distinction of being "road Mechanics" for the band or band's we either played in or led.I only had flashlight duty as T configured the electrical connections.How fortunate we were because we had to book and The Blueman likes to drive reaaly fast,is temporarily blind in his left eye,and if that cv joint gave out we were doing 70 plus miles per hour weaving in and out of heavy traffic.And we were not thinking on it to much,at high speed it pretty much leveled out, it was when we had to slow down that it was really bad.We chated about other things as we drove along,God knows we have a lot of incredible memories to talk about.And surpisingly to most of you we were totally straight.For as "weird and wonderful" as we appear,surely you would think that we are smoking/sniffing something.I don't know really,working with him is a natural high,the buzz is the performance.It goes far beyond the normal parameters of playing with a rock band.I have got to be "up for te hunt."All of my bass and vocal skills in top shape."It was a wonderful show and such a wonderful party.The food was totally organic and the farm so relaxing.Way,way down deep south.Just the way that I like it,hanging out with backhoe riders and crosstown walkers.Barefoot girls,dancing in the sunlight.The show was saved by an eight year old girl doing the bongos for us.Later to become our go-go dancer.Eight years old she was and I went over to hug her and give her a kiss and she said,"Frenchy you know I am serious about this shit,I am going to be a famous rock and roll drummer! I will see you next year!"We are on babe.make it count!" Said I.