Picked Up The Seven Tracks From Colorama To Import To Progressive Music

As a producer working digitally I will give you some good advice,at least three back ups of every session you do ,all of them independent.This may sound like overkill yet it is not,once a file is lost and that can happen for any crazy reason,it is lost forever.Yes you may be able to re-record for free but you lost a master track.The original inspired moment is gone forever.If you are going to use different studios be sure you have got one studio formatted correctly to the other.this may not seem real important to you yet it will be if you are doing this serious.It can cost you weeks of delays and a lot of frustrations.I was actually going to abandon this single I am doing.There were SO many things about it that rubbed me the wrong way.And as an artist I got to a point where I did not need anyone anymore.I could just go in and do it.I can't and I will not relate to "star Trips." Unless you are paying me a-plenty to do so.Most people that sing karoke are not as talented as they think.Thsy have no idea of what it is when it is under a magnifying glass instead of a roomful of happy drunks that you went to high school with.Yet I guess that is harmless enough,you have your little fantasy and life goes on.