Production meeting/studio deposit november 8,2013

Making the next recording session official!This is part of the fun of making a record.I run all of the details of a production.The dub has already been cut the acoustic guitar and bass with a guide vocal.Cut using a click track.It is about as close in as you can hem it.The next session is simply to tweak the two parts in perfectly,clean them all up magnetically and then to mix them somewhat more.pump them up a bit since they are both ending as predominate parts.So then as we move forward that is a lock reference.4 backups will also be done.One of the back ups will be a cassette dump.You never know what could happen.A lot of new toys to play with in the studio,a mellotron,yet the trick of it is being able to make it sound good onstage,even if I have to do it myself.Or ya know,take it way far out.I have been working very hard on my regular job to pay for it.The style is very different,or is it?It is Americana/arcadian.I am going to take New Orleans out with this tune.You can laugh if you want,I don't care what you think.So I can do what I want.I work for my living man.I live an honest life,a good life.My car may be tacky but she runs good and is all paid for.If I had a car payment I could not afford the studio.And the engine is perfectly tuned,I would drive it to California if I have too.Peace out from yer pal Frenchy!