Recording Session April 5,2012 Abbey Road South

Moving in to the finish line on this tune.Set the drums and do percussion tracks plus a slide guitar solo.very busy day.This leaves one more session for the chillin' harmonies.One year and five months,it's the lead single for the new album and a film soundtrack.It became way more complex with multiple versions being done at the same time.And as an indie in tough times you have got to scrimp and save your little pennies to keep a project as a reality.It is so easy to lose your focus with all of the info flying around.I am not into home recording per se,in the penthouse I use two reel to reel vintage tape decks to lay out ideas,a teac and an akai and just record straight into them.I prefer the warmth of analog to thin digital.The original engineers had it right the first time.Digitally you have to compensate,for guitar work it is a must to use an Avalon pre amp,even for the acoustic work.This pumps you up a big fat signal that re formats for pro-tools.Oh man! Such a clean machine!Now your guitars are analog thick,especially the lows and mids which you are going to lose without an Avalon when you move to post production.Yes in the big studio monitors it will all be there yet when you switch to the small average speakers of the typical listener it goes way thin.The guitars are very subject to phase cancellation,other things going on in the tracks in terms of digital,which is anti-ambiance will override and cancel out guitar frequencies.Thus you want to have a very high gain signal that you can back off.A properly formatted signal that pro-tools will read to specification.Then you mix it down till it fits.You can't boost a weak signal.All you can boost is how thin it is.It sounds cheap and clinical.