Rock Star!

My silly dream coat I wore as a younger man.The self destructive lifestyle which almost did self destruct me a few times.I prefer "Artist" and would rather work behind the scenes in composition and production Then the limelight.Would like to write a tune that would be covered by someone in that kind of position.Let them have the glory an fame and all of the crap that goes with it and I get a nice check for my efforts,meet up and work with some good people.I still perform onstage,yet my life does not depend upon it as it did for so many years.The world changed.The younger generation has their own style of music.I have my own style of music.There is an audience for it.That would be what I asked for.The audience would support my work.Of course I want you to hear it and choose to play it.You have heard the streams of it for no charge.Thus you know what you are buying.Some folks even lift it,but you lose so much of the quality of it that way it ain't even worth it.Give it to them and let it be heard.Leave them wanting more of it!