Should I Have A Band Agreement?

If you are not working original material I would not see why.Yet I shall illustrate for you two musicians who if anyone could cry rip off these are the guys.Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell from The Jimi Hendrix Expierence.They never got paid much more than train fare to get to the show or rehearsal or the recording studio.And they performed on albums that sold hundreds of millions of copies and never got to much more in their personal life than a one bedroom flat to live in.And collectively with Jimi they demonstrated BRILLIANCE!And neither of them ran to the media to whine about being ripped off For MILLIONS OF DOLLARS that was their due and fair share.And both of them died at peace,Noel struggling tremendously with finance But so happy in his life to live in a magical county in Ireleand.Obviously he found lasting love with an Irish Lass,And Mitch Mitchell,an englishman,I would place him completely on a par with Gene Krupa.they wanted him to play a straight beat and he said "Oh I am playing a straight beat.I always play a straight beat."They never got anywhere near a reasonable compensation,In monetary terms they collected a drop in the bucket.And so if you are thinking about anything more than playing in a bar as a cover band.You will want to sit down level headed and talk about this.As an artist/performer I want and expect my gaurantee,whatever you make I do not ask.Tips MUST be an even split.This is the music BUSINESS you see.If you are not sharp someone may squeeze a very advantegous deal from you.You received whtever you could negotiate.I don't worry to much about it because I own it,lock stock,and barrel.I paid for it you see.And I paid for it hard.I don't trust anyone yet I trust everyone if you catch my drift.You can really be having a good time with something that is fun yet if that something begins raking in coin a lot of attitues are going to change.Tips are an even split,everything else is subject to negotiation.These to guys did not just get burned,they were scalded,yet they were not assasininated and passed away happy men having lived a full natural life and both of them rocked and changed the world.Blatenly and publically ripped of for MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and they rose far above it and never whined about it to a rag/mag for a couple of bucks,neither wrote a tell-all book about Jimi.Now that is one bad ass backup band!