Smaller amps in the studio work better?

Smaller amps work better in the studio,to me they both work the same,if you are gonna use a big rig,crank the sucker,in terms of a heavy rock solo.The pinnacle I reached with that on my material was the guitar solo on "American Idol Audition."Two classic Marshall plexies,without master volumes,with four 4x12 speakers cabinets.The amps were in the control room,the speaker cabs in the recording room.All sixteen speakers were miked plus four overhead mics in the corners."Lead guitar heaven "as it were."I played the solo from the control room,you would surely go deaf to be in the recording room.The decibels being equal to an f-14 at mach 9,ear splitten loud and boomer as the Germans would say.Well this is recording with Tom Morris as my producer.We are going for mach ten.I had my guitar with me,my SG,yet Tom told me he felt he could control this insanity better if I used his Black Les Paul Custom."ok" was my response,it is a very melodic solo that I had rehearsed thousands of times.Done in two tracks octaves.He tweaked the knobs on the amps,the guitar,and the SSL console.I sat in a comfy chair and played.The result speaks for itself.In it is Michelle Rene's dream that I helped her with.It is not a free download my little music pirate.The little new world order creeps,they fear most of all free thinking,especially artist wise,they want to lock you up into their little one size fits all box.The most important gift you have to share in your life is your free will.I am now going to put the lovely Michelle Rene first in the playback box of my site,with her dream coming true.Then I am going to play my guitar solo for her.I do not forget these things man,she was only 17 years old at this time.