So All Of It Left Me On My Own To Find A Way

Well I was always that really.We all are.I was born to late,in the wrong place at the wrong time and all of it.Who is to take any kind of notice to a guy from Erie,Pa where I grew up.A good little artistic town but a million miles off the map of professional show business.So I had to quit my day job, pack up my guitar and kiss my mom and my wonderful girlfriend goodbye and head on out.I had a record deal together down in Tampa that I was going to go after.It would have made much more sense for me to go to NYC or LA.My brothers wife was all in for me to go to LA and persue acting as well as music,with the acting she could have been of much help to me.And not the big screen star sort of thing,a character actor to handle supporting roles for a big star.Yet I had this bad infection you see,the blues and rock and roll.All of this music was born in the south in the USA.I wanted to study and have that.It's tough in the south I was told when I arrived,"you have to stay and you have to play."Much more than a sardonic image you have got to form a legend.Then I fell in love with the gulfcoast lifestyle.