So Do You Play Bass Or Guitar?

I play both.Equally as well.The bass more onstage for the last couple of years as it provides the opportunity to work onstage as opposed to sitting at home.And I enjoy it tremendously.whilst you are sitting at home in front of your TV set growing old and groggy I am out and about on a youthful adventure.The girls all want to dance with me on my break.I am meeting cool people face to face and not on facebook.I am with a band that works all of the time.One that represents itself professionally.We are straight and no drugs.We go anywhere with no worries.Often times get paid just to rehearse on somebody's stage.An obvious rehearsal even doing ALL kinds of music.The buzz is all from just doing it.I would think that you would prefer to hear me play the guitar.Yet I am reduced to that fact that I am a musician and must work,I have got to play somewhere.I cannot live without that.My repetoire is an easy 60,000 songs.Transpose it any way you like.Any key sig that you like.