So to you what is the studio?

My canvas,my playground,my asylum.It became the only place left where I could create.I had gotten much better on many more instruments than just the guitar,very competent on the piano and organs because that was what I was playing all of the time in church.The club scene and keeping a band together had played out for me.I had done that for such a long time dragging up a new band,rehearsing it up and takin' it out.When that group bummed out I would play for somebody Else's thing.Chat up some new people and get another band together.After a few months of work the band would get tight and then go up in smoke.In those days also there were a lot of places to play.Folks had jobs and had money so they would get out and about.Before the internet they would follow a band around.The tip jar was always full,that money was set aside for repairing and replacing equipment or an emergency,and we got paid without complaint,the club owners or restaurant,or pub...bottle club was banking big cash every night.Then the legal drinking age got spiked to 21 and the DUI thing spun out of control.The big money was now going to attorneys and judges and civic governments.After working your job all week you want to go out and relax,listen to a band,dance on the dance floor and have a few drinks,maybe get lucky with a girl.So you are going to get busted for dui on the way home and you drank four beers.No point to even discuss this,it is the way it is.You drink more than three beers and get stopped you are toast!I drink coca cola at gigs man.A good thing to do if you are going out to party is to order a pitcher of water.So you are not drinking alcohol all of the time.Saving you a lot of money and alcohol is water soluble,as in pissing the night away.And you will not smell like you have been drinking.Anyway after how many years on the road and whatever fun and craziness.I was now a single parent.I had to change.I could no way be out and about like I used to,I had to have a real home and live a real life.I had a baby to raise.I wanted out anyway,I do not want to be known for singing rolling stones songs on stage,I wanted to sing my songs.And when the baby is hungry you have to feed them,if sick they have got to go to the pediatrician,you have to play with and love them and take them to the park.Yet I still had to create.So in the studio I do not need to carry a band,I could do it all.I finally bought an acoustic guitar and wrote all of the songs on that,so I could do them onstage that way.Because one day I am going to have to sing and play for my supper.You do not buy my records and why should you,you can get them for free if you like them.I am happy that you like and listen to them.A nd with your support I could once again get a bad ass band together and do it all right.It is embarrassing to me yes,I think I have sold 20 songs on the internet.5000+ direct from the stage.My best sale was a yardnote for the last one I had,I was only charging a fiverr but the guy handed me a yard and said "Keep the change."I realized I had made it.One hundred bucks for one of my obscure cd's.I split that between the band that night.Oh if only they had held on for 6 more months.We would have been on a major label.But why would you want to be on a major label when you can have full control of your destiny?Own your own stuff to pass down to your children.If you are here right now you are my fan,I am your artist.thank you so much!