So we take it that you like Christina?

Yes I do,I think she had a fantastic vocal coach,very early on.In all that she does you witness the training.And she is always pushing it to the limit.Some call that oversinging yet check that control.You wish you could belt out like that!People and the press are knocking her now Yet ummm...THEY ALWAYS HAVE!I would hitchhike to LA to play bass on one of her sessions!Brittany too...I met her and her sister at transcon,she is a very sweet and funny person,very kindhearted.Sheyrl crow,every time she comes through town I am at That show.Bonnie Raitt???I would WALK to New Orleans to play rhythm guitar for her.I may be so tired but I can't lose my stride!% more miles to go now.I have always been good to the girls on my site.I mean just to do a guy thing,and we do that,we lay it out with that.Yet ya see there is a thing called love that makes this world go 'round.Your joy,what makes you happy.My girls are hard hitters.They carry switchblades and know how to use them.They do not have to carry equipment,they are more than willng to pack up cords.They get insecure and sad,you hold their hand and kiss them on the forehead and say,"your the greatest."That is a good thing to hear.