So why do you play bass forT-blue?

Because I get to both work and have fun,and it has led to many interesting adventures!It is his show and so I have got to line it to his pocket.At the same time I would travel to anywhere in the world to be his bassman.I would know that my stuff would be covered.All of you operate in denial about a lot of important things that concern your health and welfare,and thus from this post do not ever say I did not warn you.It is tough to get a gig as a local band.And I as a supporting member of a caST,have got to be working,I present it to you as some kind of big deal,and it ain't that.When I get home from work and turn on the light switch in the loo to whiz I get presented with a clear target.thank you so much for dropping by and I hope that you have enjoyed what we have done for you.