So You Are An All- American Artist?

Yes I am.I love my country and do not think I could have existed anywhere else.I followed my dreams totally.I expierenced the full freedom of being a crazy american.I worked hard too,it did not just fall into my lap.There is a bigger picture that you have to fall inline with.It can't always be just your way in your time expectation.You have to roll with the punches.My primary concern was to do the work.And I loved it.I have had to deal with a lot of funky trips.But you keep your eye on the prize.When you get a spot you do your best.Part of becoming mature is to realize you can pick your battles.You want to concentrate on what is important and discard what is trivial.It makes no sense to argue with a fool,who just rages and scoffs,people will begin to wonder who the fool is!A person can be considered to be wise just to keep their mouth shut.A lot of times I fell down,I am not a stranger to sadness,sorrow,nor apparent failure but I picked myself back up again.People you need to be there let you down at crucial moments,you have got to watch your own back you see.When I hit the stage I am ready to go.Straight and strong.No chemical dependencies.None of that shit.