Starting Over Again,That is What I Am doing.

Back to the drawing board again.Back again to the fun of it!Some hot new releases!A producer working it from start to finish.Producers dig to work with me as a recording artist.I have worked with some great ones who told me that they condidered working with me to be sort of a vacation for them.From the oh so mundane norm.I was always pressing in the studio that I wanted to get crazier and crazier.Yet the product of it had to be normal and sensible from a sales standpoint.and we had to have fun doing it!That was the prime really.Some of these cats charge 25 grand an hour plus 20% of ALL sales.Telling my to get out on the firescape on the 67th floor in a snowfall upon Riverside Drive in manhatten,to do a guiatr solo."Come on Jimi Hendrix,now is your time!" And it was not a free fall,I had to cut a very tight LA studio part in three takes or Gary Lefkowtih was going to do the lead guitar.And my baby son was with us frozen in fear that I was going to topple off that fire escape,from the open window he said "Dad please come in,I am afraid you are going to fall!"Cause I was dancing all around like a crazy man!and the snow was falling so hard but easy because the wind was still.So I said "put on your wolly touffles(warm slippers) and a jacket and come out here with me.And a hat..We will bulid a snowman!" He did and we built the snowman whilst Mike Rodgers,my producer, was setting levels.He was looking down at Riverside Park wanting to go for a walk there tomorrow and I said "look up to your right side!The skyline of Manhatten!"