Testimony-My Producer

Hitting you top dead center,all 24 valves kicking!Just a monster video going,and thanks so much for not letting me down.And just a flat out kick ass single.I owe many thanks to my cool friend Johnny Rivers.As well as quite a few spag dinners.I was really feelin' pretty hog -to -the -draws,like I was going to give up music and let what stands speak for itself.Just do some gigs every now and then,hit up some blues jams and blow the roof off of the place!Yet I thought,"kenny is so perfect to produce me.don'tI will go down to Abbey Road South and beg him to produce me,Beg him,not blow him.He would not allow me to beg,And I don't blow dudes,we are very longtime friends and business associates,So he sat down and started talking to me about his life.You know you have a dear friend when you don't see them for years and just pick up where you left off.Eventually I got to the point,"I want you to produce both my music and films."If you commit to doing a full album I will cut you a rate,but I have got to have fun doing this or all bets are off.He wrote the rate on a piece of paper.Putting a finger to his lips he said."I better have fun with this,I expect you to be at all times on top of your fucking game.I am not going to cut you any slack in both your performance and your acting.You have to come with your best man."He is the sole proprietor of Progressive Music And Media.I don't have a label deal I have a designer obsessed with quality.I reside in the company of brilliance.A child prodigy as a pianist,he also is now my pianist.Normally on my records I have always done the piano,yet to hear him play I forget all about playing the piano,I strum and whip up on my guitar and listen to him play the piano.For which he is going to have to go out on the road.Cause if you have got something going you are going to have to go out and play it live.If you were going to download the tune to your iPod and pay a buck for it that would be of such help.Then you would be a real fan.Our client if you will.Part of the team."In from the ground floor" if you will.So my producer has these qualities,he is a certified recording engineer and a musician.He has perfect hearing and pitch.He is buzzed on the project,he knows more than me what I sound like.He is also a film producer,he is going to draw out of me the best that I can do.Sometimes he can be so hard,yet sometimes so gentle,come out from the control room and sit on the floor and say "could you try it like this?Other times very harsh "come on reneboy,let's get in focus,where is the damn low e note,you call that scene intense,you look as fatal as last week's lettuce!"As long as he is not saying anything from the control room I am dropping a serious track.Yet he,more then me, knows what I sound like.How I sound.Wow! how lucky I scored!