The 27 Club-Kick Hit b4 Hit Kicks You

I am glad I am not a member of this little club.I would have missed my son being born and the best sessions I ever was to do.I go more with B.B. King and Sir John Lee Hooker and like them have all of the roadmaps written on my once oh so pretty face.Was their deaths an illuminati sacifice?Nobody to this date has been able to legally prove that.Did they go along with it and fake their own death to get out of it and be free?The drugs thing is really hard to say because the majority of them were getting over that and beginning to look at how much money they were being ripped off for.27 is so young man.Still so much more living to be enjoyed,very much still daylight in your life.You have got to lose the stuff that is dragging you down.It is too heavy for your heart.It is not doing anything positive to your artistic is jading that.You become more famous for coming home and tripping over your guitar than playing it.And more important than that you have got to lose the people that are dragging you down.Good fucking bye to them is what I say.