The Blues-Make It Right

The old stuff is great,no doubt.Yet who is writing anymore?I shall invest my efforts into "She's Alright."or "Messin' With The Kid."When I was asked to work with Blackstar I steppped all into it,cutting edge blues,inadvertently of course yet I thought I was the future Hubert Sumlin."Flown in a lear to do my ever so tight licks.Well that is true because I did it and flew in that lear.This was analog and not digital I had to play that lick the same way every time.You can get so lost in the old stuff that you lose sensitivity to the new.You become a Blues cover act.With nothing new to show.I shall tell you that James Peterson is way ahead of you.Yet I shall also tell you that he is not ahead of Shawn Brown.No way,Shawn sat down at an organ and played and sang the same way that he does today at the age of 4 he turned pro!The signature of God upon his work!Me? I am standing upon my balcony cheering him on!Funking up my guitar in all kinds of twisted blues for him to shine!Jeez,what a genious!