The Business Side Of The Business

I was introduced to that very fast,at My first record deal with Wooden Bowl.As listed in Billboard I accepted the postiton of Executive Vice President in charge of publishing operations,and Executive Producer in charge of production management.As well as a recording artist,a singles artist with a committment to do three singles a year four three years with a one year option.I had just finished college with a strong business backround.I had the great privilege of attendending a very fine school free of charge.Gannon University,a very old world Catholic University.Very strict and very preppy standards.Excellent business and engineering courses!Fascinating instructors!An expensive shcool too yet my scholarship was covered,all expenses paid, by the Upward Bound Program.I had a wonerful mentor,Dr.Frederick Douglass Thompson.He drilled me like a marine DI.I was unusual on campus because I was a wild child hippy artist and a mathematics tutor.(age 16)I recognized the grand opportunity I was given to obtain a good education,I am an a avid reader,I even find technical manuals to be excellent drama stories so I was cracking the books really hard.I was the only white dude in an all black program.I maen I was attending college courses when I was 16 years old and still in high school!My expenses offset by my tutoring.Especially to the basketball team!So the businees thing I am into from a level of the management and executive arena.I find it fascinating.And I am a talent scout.My wonderful artists demonstrate that for you.I would star by simply saying "would you do a recording session for me?"