The Call To Go Live

"But it's been hard eh?" "Shite mate I knew going in that is was not going to be exactly a walk in the pretty park, if you want anything ye have to apply yourself to it.I have to thank many people for allowing me to crash on their couch or spare room,studio,laundromat,state park picnic tables and not toss me out into the cold.As an artist I never compromised.'Sigh,It's lookin' much like I ought to get a real job.or survive on dog food." I would have to admit,if ye be hungry enough a can of alpo with lamb and rice would become very tasty.With potato chips.A gypsy once to me about "wallpaper soup" from the old wheat paste wall paper.100% organic,no chemicals.No I never ate dog food,Gebers baby food was cheap and plentiful enough thank you very they have raman noodles for starving artists.'Tis like eating at the ritz it is.3 for a buck laddie.You can get your single and film done and still enjoy three squares a a crisis situation,those 49 cent "Vienna" sausages will become a delicacy.