The Indies Coming Into Power

I am a way back pioneer at this.It shook the whole music industry loose.And now everybody is freaking at the freedom of it.Why? Because the playing field is being leveled.That is not to compare an indie artist against a major label one.All of that big money stuff,the goal of the indie is to establish a loyal fan base worldwide that supports their efforts enabling them to create.I hear other indies just sailing with this,better than how I do it and I am happy for them.I dig what they are doing.For an artist to make a good living does not require stadium tours,I don't need to have three jags that I never drive to be happy.I am more happy to pay my little bills and have food for my coon hound.I so enjoy the frenchman's dinner,bread,cheese, and a bit of meat and red wine.And perhaps a friend to share it with.Or I cook one of my famous spag dinners and have a little party.The electricity is turned on and the water is running.My singing paid the bills man.This is kind of funny because I always though it so important to be on the radio and I am all over the radio singing commercial advertising jingles.Drive time baby!Then when I can I do my own thing.My recording comittment is one tune a year.And it is all I can do to get one tune out.