The Lead Single For The Album Turned Into A Film Project

I think you will really feel me when it is done.My dog was recently run over by a car and killed.She was my happiness in life,of course my son also so major yet he is a man now on the road to taking care of himself.My dog was now my day to day companionship.Real simple and easy like.Her whole life was to be with me.A scant two months ago I was bedside in intensive care watching and waiting for my son to stop breathing so I could push the trauma button.So grateful I am that he made it.My puppy died very peacefully in my arms.Her final physical act was to nuzzle up next to me.Now I have been turned loose to do a film/music video project just around the tune I was working on.I had girlfriends who were jealous of how close I was to my son and my dog.Yet you know (or you may not) that as you grow older you lose a lot of romantic notions along the way.You become more and more careful about who you let into your life.They say you do not know someone until you live with them,oh how true.No better way to destroy a great friendship.You find yourself living in your own house under somebody else's rules.For some people they are going to accept that.I have got to have my freedom.When I walk in the door after the world has beat me up I want to relax,Not be concerned about "The plan."I already have that together.My plan is to score a hit.I figure the longer it takes the bigger the hit shall be.So I want it to be really good so I can ride the crest of it to the next thing.In the meantime I have got to pay the rent for my penthouse.Saving my pennies for studio time.When I flick the switch is is good when a light goes on.Especially the one in my head.