The Lead Vocal On (oo) (oo)

It was called for by the NYC producers for me to do it.That was expected to be the way it would go down and would have made a lot of things much easier for me had i of done that.And I would have done it well too...But it was Marvin's song.We all wrote it together as a collaboration yet he was the lead vocal onstage.And I had to tell him that when we went to New York I was going to do the lead vocal.He painfully agreed that if it was best for all he would go with it.Yet also stated that it was his lead and as well as I could ever do I would not do it as well as he did it."But if this is all just about money you do it and I will support you.And we will have that after all that we have been through and I will never forgive you."That was enough for me I got on the phone striaghtaway and told them Marvin was on lead vocal or all bets were off.I sat in the control with my son and watched him cut his lead vocal tracks.Drinking fine red wine.I was so happy and he was doing such a fantastic job.I did later some cool backing stuff with an additional backround vocalist Chris from NYC.I feel this reflects a very wise and crucial decision from me as the executive producer,to do what is best for the track and I could have trumped it all and done the lead vocal.On Marvin's tune.I had the great pleasure of sitting in the control room getting stoned on red wine and watch him lay it down to perfection.He did not disappoint anyone.He laid down a classic that shall live forever.I was so happy and totally tripping on it.I got all of my parts in bad to the bone later on.As always the world missed it and rejected it.And this was NYC for us.We had to completly change our sound to do it as a major label band,the group was all upset,they wanted me to step in and take control but I could not.I had signed that over to the producers.The band considered that I was selling us out,I considered it that we were growing.That we would show that we were capable to do a major label session.with ease.We did it so well but it left the band from that point onward second guessing everything we did.That we could do it all ourselves from a home studio.You have got to invest 25 grand into a functional home studio.And then need an engineer to run it.At least we did not break up in NYC as so many bands do.We delivered our stuff successfully.And then we broke up.Right before our first major USA club tour to promote the single which is awesome.But the band left me all alone to walk up onstage and perform.Just a small peeriod of hardship and we would step into the top seat.After all of our years of struggle we would become a big contender.We were rehearsing our concert set in a small club here drawing a large audience.To watch us rehearse and we were getting paid to rehearse.Two runs through the concert set.and it was fantastic.And it all died.And went down very hard.Physical fights onstage and everything,nobody showing up for regular rehearsals.Everyone wanted their "star trip" to be now.Yet you see we first had to tour behind the single and do it live.You have got to take the small steps first.And you have all got to be pulling in the same direction.100%.For such a long time we did this.Caused riots everywhere we would go.Yet after NYC something else was expected that was not there,we did not have an agent and we did not have financial backing.I was pleading for Johnny Wright in Orlando to take us on but he would not hear of it.The single was finished a year and a half overdue.The follow up demo was completed but never recorded."Your Too Cool" The tour dates were cancelled and it was all over before it even started.I walked out and did the final show all by myself.Very angry about it.To leave the stage and soon lose everything my home and all of such to go out and live on the beach with my son in our VW van.And then to rise up again and survive.So obviously I don't want to relate to anyone I knew in the past.I do not want to place a shovel in that old ditch.I am sorry,I don't have anytime left for losers.I am getting together now with winners.when yo do this you have got to leave the losers behind,you can't bring them into the new mix because they are losers and they will cause you to lose again.The biggest thing they can come up with is to quit when you need them.At a vital point,right when you are about to stop playing at the dump and work the nice clubs.Move up a step to gigs that pay a grand a night.The losers want to stay in the dump.And there they shall stay if they do anything at all.There will always be dumps to play in.Dirty filthy and boring joints.With 50 bands competing with you to get in there.They will play for 50 bucks and draft beer.As a teenager I did better than that.Thus I have opened a new door and am going to walk into it.By myself representing myself.