The Most Important Qualification for My Producer

Character,ahh...eagle scouts as it is.When you embark on an adventure you need to go with people that you can trust.Otherwise you are going to have to suffer the consequences which shall be to be let down when you most needed someone the most to be in place, and find out that they never really cared any deeper than what was in it for them,no whining here by the way,that is how it goes.No need for bitterness either as this is showbusiness and the show has got to go on.Everyone thinks it is so easy that they will try it.The biggest trick you want to have together is good associations with good and strongly motivated people.I have to place a trust in my producer in that whatever I am cutting in stone is going to be brought to it's highest level.They are all inside and about the song,every sugesstion is carefully thought out and worthy of consideration.