The Myth Of The "Autotuner"

This device can make anyone sound like a great vocalist.And that is a myth.If you are not either naturally gifted or very studied on technique you just suck and an autotuner is not going to help you.The device does exist and it will correct a pitch yet it's usage is designed for the very judicious correction of a tiny little discrepancy,to the tune of milli-seconds or fractions of a Second.It also is very invasive,whenever it is use it creates a glitch somewhere else on the track,not even on the same track channel,it could come up anywhere in the recording(on the kick drum) and you have to find it.Far from being something you want to depend upon the autotuner is something you want to avoid using.Your session bill goes way up when you use it because you have to search EVERY track to find the glitch everytime you use it.It is much cheaper just to get it right in the original recording,everything is all set up to go so get it right now.The pressure is hard to take when you are struggling with something in a session,if your engineer is not top grade they may say "we'll fix it in the mix."That is bullshit to me.We are going to get this track right now as mixing to me is not about correction,it is about blending and weaving and working with EQ to seperate everything then to synergize it.The performance is complete.Written in stone.I do not want to have to call somebody back in to correct something.And then there may be just this little tiny thing that needs to be "Trimmed."That is what the autotuner is for.It may be instrumental as well as vocal.And it is very tiny.Then out comes the autotuner.A LAST RESORT!A DECISION MADE BY THE PRODUCER.I am very fortunate to have worked with first class recording engineers.Guys that create Platinum sellers!Trans Siberian Orchestra.As a recording artist I am off the wall and fun to work with,yet I can never take the easy route,it is stone cold sober.Yes,everything can be re-mixed and re-mastered,we were on a tight budjet but I feel it is alright the way it is.At the same time I own the original masters.And posess them.So re-mixing is always possible.I don't feel it neccessary,I think we hit it fine.Yet should that have to be it can be done.I feel it would be interesting to get somebody else's take on it from the original masters.I do not think that you can't top my producer,Tom Morris.I know that you can't...he understood and appreciated everything that I was searching for here.HE created me as a recording artist.In his spare time when he just wanted to hang loose and have some fun with his studio!