The New Tune With The Female Lead Singer..word?

It is going to take some time to first finish the music track and BGV'S,and then find the correct vocalist for the trip.Amidst a couple of other projects on the table.It is a very complex project for many reasons.And when released it is going to blow down many doors, make up many times for any lost time.I can't act upon my impulsive emotions on this project,it has such a good flow.Yet the concept has to be complete.I am searching for fine wine and not soda pop.Even if you never buy any of my other songs you WILL buy this one.It is a tremendous hit in the making.which means it did not come easy,what came out of it was what was put into it.That is what a hit song is.It made a lot of people FEEL something.and then as we say in the biz...TA DA!Thanks so much!-Ren