The Primary Gist Of Your Live Work is on Bass Guitar With T-Blue?

Yes...I "slap the bozz" with the blueman,my very near and dear friend and PA.Instrumentally my primaries are guitar and Piano/Hammond organ but I also have been playing bass since I was a teenager.I have even done upright on a couple of my sessions.It all started many years ago when I met him at a blues jam at The Green Iguana on Westshore Blvd.A world famous monday night blues jam.I was playing guitar and we did a couple of tunes together and then were sittning and talking together and he said "If I had a solid reliable bassist I have got plenty of work that could be done but they are so hard to find."And so I told him that I also was a bassist and would do the gigs.That was some odd twenty years ago and a couple of thousand clubs later.And a lot of hard work and a whole lot of fun!I LOVE my work you see.And he has everything very organized,when I get called out I am not wasting my time.I am working.the fact that I am playing bass instead of guitar is of little concern to me yet mind you this please,just because a guy is a good guitarist that does not qualify that person as a bassist.It is an entirely different instrument with an entirely different feel and perception.Much heavier on every aspect.And much lower holding down the bottom end of the EQ.This is where the thump arrives at the rump.Always and with every instrument lies the temptation to overplay.Or to play to loud.Music has got to breathe just like you and me,perhaps you can zip through scales at lightning speed and leaving no space for the ultimate dynamic of music....silence.We play in clubs with fantastic light shows and The Blueman says "turn them off,I don't need them."Mr. Boogie In The Dark"I cosider him very futuristic as a guitarist because he was the first one to fuse the blues with reggae music.And he wanted reggae bass lines from me.Too cool man!In the scope of the classic rock shows we do very original things,you would think it is the same thing everytime but it is not,it is all the moment in time."Look around and play the room" he would say.Our critics say that we never rehearse,not true..we get paid to rehearse in front of an audience.The Wednesday and Thursday night shows are a rehearsal for the weekend.Perhaps we came up with a whole new song in the meantime.Even in the midst of a major show he may drop down a little lick and we just go to town on it.I have got to hang with working musicians,I do not dig the garage band thing.A rock and roll fantasy,I want to hit the stage,right now,plug my 5-string bass(tuned up-I tuned his guitars as well) into my machine and fix my business straight.I can't be messing with any bullshit and I want to have fun working my ass off.It is a gas my friends.Sharing the love for music.I am booked and I have got to go,that is it for now.