The Reverand,Billy Shears

If this was the only thing I ever got to do,I would be so well pleased.I sent up the mean old Reverand do be whoppin' up some ass!Long and so long and through so much a supporting member of my cast.Total road big dog mate!I was on cloud nine when he agreed to join my band!at times I could lean all of my weight upon him and he would carry me through!He is not mean either,quite the contrair yet he would get very ugly with me if my skills were not in top shape.I believe this lead vocal has a special place of genius because it is NOT a composite.It is a performance from Alpha To Omega,Not the first take mind you when he went off we would not "Punch in" we would go back to the edge."I am singing this for my daughter Erica,you do not punch in a lullabye!" How great it is to have a cat like this in your band!