The Rock And Roll Wild Child!

One day the stories will be told of my legend.And really,I got in with the pack of those wild eyed southern rock and rollers.Not big major label artists,working musicians full time.Wolf packs driving in vans all over everywhere to the next gig.If you are a UK or Greman artist who has not been here you have no idea of how vast and surreal my country is.I knew when I was 6 years old this was what I was going to do.Studying classical piano and ripping into the latest Motown hit.I would say I never got a major label deal because I was twenty towns ahead of them.Big town (Casper,Wy-The Hilton Hotel)small town,(Ely,Nv-The casino) I put on the same show.Knocking you out of your socks on saturday night!It was not wild child in terms of drugs and sex,my high is to make and create music you see.I do not need anything to motivate me to do that but itself.and the sex?I am a one woman kind of a guy,maybe I have missed a lot by that,I don't think so,I have had a very few casual affairs and well some were good and some I can't remember.I prefer to make love and be in love when I have sex and have a lot of time to devote to that.Even on a one night stand I want it to mean something.When I was married I wanted for my wife to be on the road with me at my side.So easy we could adapt to different motel rooms and to live out of a cooler.When we were home in Nashville we were scared because there was so much less money coming in.Remember,I was young way back then and a sexual knockout onstage.when we would leave out of town I would have a large number of beautiful honey's wanting me to clip them before I left town.And God love them and thank you so much yet I am in love with my wife.I can't let her down like that.I am sure that she would even forgive it because she would say "Can I pick one for you.?" She was never jealous about that,she knew that whatever I had to get through to get home I would be coming there.I have got to have a little corner I can go to to have my sanity people.I did not miss out on any great sex,I was making love to my woman.At every opportunity.She did not come to all of the shows as she would be busy making a very comfortable temporary home for us.Yet there were many shows that I did that I knew when I was finished I was going to be making some very fine love.She really cared about me as I did about her