The Sessions Are Heating Up

We are booked to go in and do the drums for the session the first friday after Thanksgiving.I wasn't going to use the if Davy Boy wasn't available,he is so much fun to work with and is a fantastic talent and thus he is very busy.He desires to move to Nashville.I look forward to catching him on the next round.Made it to a production meeting with my producer Ken Veenstra.He is admant on making high quality films of the album sessions.Thus the audio has to be excellent also.It was very intense for me to do the grand piano sessions for him as he is a master pianist,(the trick will be getting him to go on the road!)he is very buzzed on it and it is always best to have your producer at the inception of the concept.As apposed to having them come in later on.Reason of that being it is much more fun for them that way,they are so much closer to it.As friends and business associates we go back a long cd' am so delighted that he agreed to produce and it is such fun.Today's tidbit is that I have contracted a drummer for the session,a twenty year old youngblood,Harry Potter.THE HARRY POTTER????!!!!yes of course,Harry Potter....pretty cool eh?.......He has been my pal for a long time.He shall be kicking it on the drums and smiling for the camera.We are cutting the lead single to the album plus a film.Much more than a music video.