The Survivor's Tale!

And that is what this is.I have been shipwrecked,deserted by those that I have dearly loved,left off,ripped over,ripped off,all of my guitars heisted,sponged of,sponged over,the usual tale of what it takes to make it in music.The performance has got to achieve madness if it is really going to make it,make it all the way!through it all I maintained coypyright.I own the exclusive rights to it.I hold all of the original masters and shall pass them on to my heir.He will be the judge and jury one day.I want you to know that I had myself a ball doing this work.I overlooked trends and contemporary passing styles to get down to the bone of rock and roll.I also have many dear friends and professional associates who stuck with me through thick and thin.Showed up on time and made it count.And made it fun to do.This is a tough racket and there is no simple solutio0n to it.You have a zillion bands and maybe a million very good ones.Ultimately you have got to do your own thing.You can cover somebody yet you can't just copy them.And you must license that.In my mind as an artist there ought to be room for everyone.You have got to make the best of what you have to work with in the time that you have.I have taken the liberty to savour and enjoy it.I had fun doing it,I framed it all as an adventure.A movie if you will and feel that I have pulled it off.Recording art and science taken to the extreme.A passion,my passion for living.Unlimited possibility.