Then you can really produce the beautiful sounds of the acoustic.

In the studio the less you do the more you can do with it.You must record with a metronome,not a problem when you get used to it.Acoustic,organic instruments naturally record better.Without the metronome,for your music to be further produced,perhaps as a soundtrack or an advert,in the digital age another producer is unlikely to pick up on it.An artist covering it may want to use the original rhythm track,yet mix it differently.Saving them time and money in the studio.If it is not digitally formatted correctly they can't use it.That being said, you want your demo recording to be as high quality as possible.You want to save it in three different formats,vox and music,vox up,vox down.You copyright it,cddb it,and register it with your PRO.Plus you own and/or control the masters.If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me,I will be glad to help you out.