This Is funny!

It is the guys from the first band I was in that I have got to thank.They appointed me the songwriter because we had decided to do all original material (and I had studied the piano) "so we don't sound like anyone else!"You have to figure in the fact here that we were only nine years old.Like clockwork we "practiced" five times a week and if you missed just one practice you were "Out of the band."We had the highest standard of any band in the world.And when we hit hit the stage we blew off the roof!!!We got even stuck into a club gig.The adults were just laughing at us but then they began to cry.We rehearsed five nights a week,we hit a funk groove and those little kids was rocking up your ass.Mike's brother Tony Snow, also had a bad ass band and on our off nights we would watch them rehearse.And pick up on their tricks.The guys were so good and Tony was out of this world.So when we got our little shots to play live we were good.All of this messed up my life so bad...this became all that I wanted to do.