This Is Hard For me To Say

If I were to return to the stage serious I would have to be with my Niggers,Chip and Marvin.They are my band,I hired them.What fun we would have to really do it after being locked out for such a long time!I did not want a lame back upband.I wanted always to be challenged creativily by my group,we would colloborate and write together.Escape on the last night lynchmobs.When I brought my two black gentlemen to NYC to record that was to roll in with some awesome talent.and when there we had to fit into the program of the producer and record as a major label band would do.A lot of changes and unfamiliar territory for us.Our tune was now a colloboration with the producers,totally re-arranged from our very sucessful onstage version.And that is was I signed over in order to be produced by the best in the west.Creative control.My niggers were in an uproar over this.Every night in the hotel we had the worst sort of arguments,they wanted me to take control of the sessions but I would not.We were working with a top producer,the master of pro-tools 10 shortcuts.and he was very demanding himself of what we were going to do."Onstage you guys can do what ever you want to do,yet you also must re-learn this too.Mix them all up onstage!" I was so proud of my niggers,they came through all the way!You can hear it,we became NYC,and NYC became us!In our off time we were helping little old ladies across the street.Listen to the tune and decide for yourself.We were left to freak out over how long it took to complete the production with our first national tour awaiting us.A year and a half.Mike Rodgers was the producer and his normal charges to a major label are 25 grand an hour.Yet Mike was digging us and how we adapted our style to what he need to hear to produce it.He did as he agreed the whole session for 5 grand.He is the go to guy for all of the major producers because he is the world leader in the knowledge of shortcuts.I am sitting as the executive producer,I do call of of the shots,watching this fantastic synergy occur.My job was simply to have it delivered into my lap.