Time Magazine-The Top Ten Band Break-uUps

This type of article represents to me the ulimate in journalistic drivel.Nothing new and interesting is ever uncovered and the real facts are just slanted more out of context if anything.The Beatles actually only did one world tour and when they,as the first band to go to the far east got the living shit scared out of them they began to change their mind about what they were doing.Cheap Trick did "Live At Budokan" with great concept and made a memorable live record,The Beatles performed there under very serious death threats.In Australia people threw vegtables at them and in Manila they came to realize just how far away from home they were and how alone.Their final tour of The US was done with the media machine (which brainwashes most of you dear readers) that so loved them turned against them based upon a remark taken totally out of context.And they performed that final tour hoping just to not be assasinated,got back to the UK and said "Fuck This!"Each member was wishing for a way to get out of the box they were trapped in.They recorded some of their best work together,By ancient standards according to modern recording technology.All of it analog,er...handmade as it were.And then they became four individual men when the world wanted them to be "The Four Lads."Spending the rest of their lives eating drinking,shitting and pissing the night away, and playing music together.Like the movie "HELP!" Ahh,your boy band thing.They began to serious fall in love with someone they could really trust for a change of pace and began to grow as human beings.And what can I say four fantastically talented human beings!They knew "The Fab Four Box/package" could no longer contain their individaual dreams and hopes.Had they attempted to fake that... their four BRILLIANT individual career's would have never materialized.They did one last album together,knowing that it was their last and returned to the basics of recording live with no frills or tricks.Well they did hire Phil Spector to produce it and forsook George Martin.The one who made them in the studio who they were.But thank god Andy John's was the recording engineer!The mixing EQ and the seperation of each,you knew if it was George or John doing the solo.John did the one on "Get Back" tearing the guitar up and sounding surprisingly,like George!Don't let anyone kid you,do not let the edited film clips fool you,they had a ball doing it and it ranks among their best, and then they parted ways.All of them,even Ringo topped the charts as individuals,Number one al la fucking Billboard.I'll kick your ass handily if I hear you slag Ringo,listen to "It Don't Come Easy!" And then after this they spent tons of their hard earned money to selflessly expose and produce new upcoming talent.Such as a cat named James Taylor.Ahh.. "Those Were The days My Friend,We Thought They Would never End."That is the ultimate band break-up, each member goes solo and posts Number one billboard hits.Big time in the major leagues.No group has ever gone to this level.No amount of money would ever have brought the four beatles back to the live stage.-consider that also against "reunion tours" John Lennon,The Fabulous Sir Paul,Beloved George,and Ringo could have performed together yet legally,and written in stone,This was not "The Beatles." Compared to this there is no other band break-up worth discussion.Let us help to welcome the newcomers who are laying it out now instead.Let us all endeavor to get a life even,not as big as The Beatles yet one for us to live that statifies.Had John Lennon remained in The UK he would have not been assassinated as he was.He wanted to be free to walk about in the public of NYC holding hands with the woman he loved.And he would do that,walk right out the frontdoor of The Dakota to take a walk with Yoko.The cool thing is also that NYC would permit that.He would not be mobbed nor hasseled,fans would approach him yet be polite respecting his privacy,He would be relaxed and friendly.I just have got to say that when this man walked,his balls clanked.