To Envision It As A Producer

With the new music revolution that may be the last thing that you would choose.Historically the producer is the last one to get paid.The one that gave the project it's value.I can't see launching a recording project without a producer.Yes we can cut some tracks and such.Ahhh I can't really say,you can master the function of an m-box and do a great recording in your livingroom.I do not doubt that and I wish that your dreams come true.I prefer the vibe of a professional recording studio.I am a deep space tripper you see.Home recording is not my thing.I have got to build it to last.You start a project and you think your lifting off with something but when the time comes that you are going to advance it and you take it to the studio and it is out of format.The studio sysyem does not recognize the code.Which is a huge rigamaroll and you will say to yourself just as I did "I wish I would have started the project here."You beat the cost of it by rehearsing the livingshit out of the tune.Some of your talent has been there and they know how it is going to go down.For the newcomers if they are rehearsed they can relax a bit in this very clinical enviornment.