To Really Have What It Takes To Succeed

Success is a journey,not a destination.And success has got to be managed,there is a huge fiscal responsibility involved with that.Whatever nation you live in the tax man cometh and you must pay tribute!The old school way is that you understand everything about your business.You can do every task assigned BETTER than the person you hired to do it.Success,true success also has responsibilities,you must also give back to the community that supported you.You may greatly endeavour to keep it all to yourself,yet you are going to have to leave here one day whether you like it or not.And when you leave you are not going to take any of it with you except for the good you have done.How sad it is to to me to build a great empire and leave it to a foolish son who has not done one honest days work in his life.He has coasted his whole life.His hands are so smooth.But he is so sardonic,he has to always be "covered."I marvel to watch my son work.He shows up on time ready to bust ass.Never complains and says very little.And he produces results.Very focused on what he desires to be.It was more important for me to do one thing right,raise my baby then to be a "rockstar."And I am every way you could concieve.I occupy the office of a Prophet.