Touring Without Your Wife?

I did one long one with the fantastic Pattie Flores!We rolled into Denver and I said "Let me off right here."I have some friends in Denver who would not let the poor boy down." had to get back to Nashville faster than the band could make it.The tour was a success and we were headed home but I was pussy-whipped,I missed my lovely wife so bad that I would have hitchhiked back to N-ville.Henceforth I would only go on the road if she could come with me.That is how it was...and she loved it!And I could not have asked for more.Thank you Cruise and The Marv Dennis Agency!The rigors of the road are so enormous,you have got to move real quick.Having my most lovely wife present never slowed us down.She always inspired me to do my best.As Irish as the day is long.You have got to be really careful as you live your life,you might kiss a "Mick" and have your world turned upside down you lucky lad you..