We Live With Racoons!

They are all over the US mostly close to where people live.And they are so wild and beautiful.You don't want to try and handle or feed them unless you are very very skilled or very kind one.They are theives foraging for food at night.Very,very crafty!You don't have to be scared they will not attack you (unless rabid-which is very rare)They can be a drag if they move into your home.But they like to be wild instead.They will not attack your pets or your kids.They move out of the way instead.Yet being a night person I observe them,they move out as a family looking to steal some dinner.Mostly garbage yet they are searching to score your pet food if they can yet they have some traits that are amazing,they will not eat all of your pets food and they are very compassionate to stray cats and puppies.The mother will take them into the pack and the father will protect them.My cat was raised by racoons,she was a starving stray and the coons said "Come with us Cat,we will teach you how to steal."My cat does not even want to come in the house,he sleeps on the air conditioner in his bed.The pack comes by everynight to check on him and if he is gonna run and he shares his food with them and sometimes he runs.The whole thing is very organized.they are so beautiful and precious,especially the younglings.I can handle them but you should not try to,they are wild animals and unpredictable but they know me you see so they are relaxed.If you have a raccon problem at your house please don't shoot them,you may be killing the mother.They are harmless and will back away from you.The animal control people in your county know how to handle it.