We Rocked Tonight To An Empty Club

With the T-blue band,and it is a very nice club.Not a dive by any means.Paople do not have money to go out on a wednesday night anymore.We did a paid rehersal for our saturday night show in ybor city @ The Dopple Decker.We got charged for our chicken wings,unheard of for us but they were very tasty so to hell with it.We ran through the saturday night show paying I guess not a lot of notice to the audience.But we got pretty hot.Just running down the numbers one more time.Getting ready for saturday night.And I needed to buy dog food for my puppy.This club is owned by a very cool lady from louisiana.I hpoe to ply that club again and return her the favor.I still work dumps ya know and that is cool yet this was a very cool place serving excellent food.And The Blueman was playing hot guitar.